Mean Everything To Nothing – Manchester Orchestra


Andy Hull is incredibly talented. The frontman and creative force behind Manchester Orchestra isn’t even old enough to rent a car, but already has one great album (2006’s I’m Like a Virgin Losing a Child), and a fair share of side projects under his belt. With that in mind, Manchester Orchestra’s new LP, Mean Everything To Nothing, just doesn’t seem to be able to pull everything together and be as good as it could be. All the pieces are there, they just don’t seem to be fitting together tightly.

If every song on the album was as good as the opener, “The Only One,” than Mean Everything To Nothing would be the clear favorite for album of the year in 2009. The track gets the album into full swing in a matter of seconds with sliding guitar and frantic clapping. The lyrics ring sharp; an angry rant from the son of a pastor. The track is as hard as any Manchester Orchestra track to date, but is only the beginning of a heavy shift.
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