Rating Scale

So one thing I always have a problem with when an album is rated is the lack of clarity in the scoring system. So I set up this page to clarify that all.

It’s also important to note that I consider score rating to be fluid, I believe that some albums grow on you and others fade as time passes. Because of this I am more than willing to adjust a score long after I’ve written the review. Most of the time I leave the review itself entirely in tact, just mess with the silly little number.

10- Practically perfect in every way. If you don’t like this album I probably don’t like you.

9- Amazing album. I’d feel incomplete without it. I know almost every word and you should too.

8- Great album. A few things missing or slightly off, but too sonically pleasing to nit pick. Go buy it now.

7- Solid album that should get repeat plays.

6- I recommend you take a listen to it and see for yourself. Don’t buy it if you’re short on cash.

5- Not enough to cause joy or loathing. Eh…

4- Only for hardcore fans of said artist, probably should avoid it if you are not one.

3- Bad album. Please go away.

2- Terrible. There probably isn’t even one redeamable song on this record.

1- Avoid at all costs. If I hear this blaring out of your car at the stop light I might swerve into you when it turns green just to make it stop.

0- Creed


1 Comment

  1. Creed… lol

    I looked up this domain name because I wanted it for a similar idea. I say long live the album too.
    How’s the site going? Many visitors?

    All the best

    Phil Sole

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