Fiendish Conversation with The Physics’s Thig Nat

By Brandon Hill
I talked to The Physics’s lead MC Thig Nat about the central theme of the group’s new album Digital Wildlife and why the trio decided to release it for free. Check it out.


Fiendish Conversation with Pickwick’s Galen Disston

By Jenny Jimenez
I chatted with Pickwick’s frontman about the group’s busy year, howling, and plans for a new album. Check it out.

Chatting with Nick Thune

Nick Thune
In anticipation of his appearance as part of Jimmy Fallon’s Clean Cut Comedy Tour, I talked to vaguely musical comedian Nick Thune. We chatted about fake talk shows, fake tourism sponsorships, and stealing Fallon’s job. Check it out.

Points of Reference: Rob Delaney

While Twitter superstar Rob Delaney isn’t a musical comedian, when I chatted with him about the pop culture that influenced his new book, Mother. Wife. Sister. Human. Warrior. Falcon. Yardstick. Turban. Cabbage., we ended up talking about Queens of the Stone Age, High on Fire, and The The. So I figured it fit here. Check it out.

Fiendish Conversation with Sol

By Stacy Jacobsen
I chatted with the globetrotting Seattle MC Sol about his travels, future plans, and Prince. Check it out.

Fiendish Conversation with Barsuk Records’ Josh Rosenfeld

By Karen Moskowitz
In anticipation of Barsuk Records’ 15th anniversary celebration, I chatted with label co-founder Josh Rosenfeld about the label’s growth, defining characteristics, and initially unsustainable business model. Check it out.

Fiendish Conversation with La Luz’s Shana Cleveland

By Angel Ceballos
I talked to surf rocker Sheena Cleveland about moving to Seattle, the surf rock label, and La Luz’s blend of California and Northwest sounds. Check it out.