Fiendish Conversation with MC Geologic of Blue Scholars

I caught up with Geologic and we talked about 2012 being a banner year for Seattle hip-hop, the potential return of the Sonics, and going back to school. Check it out.


Fiendish Conversation with Brandi Carlile

Before her Thanksgiving weekend shows with the Seattle Symphony, I chatted with country singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile. Check it out.

Points of Reference: Ben Gibbard

Photo: Ryan Russell.

I talked with Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard about how Louis C.K.’s Louie, John Lennon, and others influenced his new solo record Former Lives. Check it out.

Going Solo: The Art of Seeing Shows Alone

It’s insane how much we let monophobia dictate our lives. The fear of being alone has essentially made it weird and unacceptable for people to go to restaurants, movies, or — for our purposes — concerts without toting along a companion. The lamest excuse that I consistently hear is that friends bailed on seeing a band they dig because, “I didn’t have anyone to go with.” Having flowN solo for 90 percent of the shows I’ve seen, I can say with confidence that there are, in fact, benefits to traveling alone.

Freedom of Movement

Not being tethered to the anchor of a companion is an underrated positive. If it’s a crowded show, there’s no push to reconnect with your pal if you get separated in the mass at the front of the stage. You’re free to move back if things get rough, get in the pit if things aren’t rough enough or head to the bar anytime. The venue is your oyster.

Freedom of Time

Attending a show alone lets you set your own schedule. Want to get there super early for an opener you like? Fine. Want to leave early because the headliner is singing off-key? Done. Time management is especially important at festivals, where not being dependent on a friend’s tastes allows you to catch every act you want to see, while avoiding the disaster of having to try and meet up again amongst the crowd at a certain point in time (which never works as planned). Continue reading