Top 10 Songs of 2010

Songs. 2010 had a lot of them. Here are the 10 best, along a pithy reason as to why it’s on the list.

10. “Fuck You” – Cee-Lo You

Why it’s here: For the simple fact that any list without it would seem incomplete.

It’s shock value gimmickry prevents it from ranking higher, but on the strength of the musical orchestration alone it had to be here.

9. “Her Words Destroyed My Planet” – Motion City Soundtrack

Why it’s here: The combo of the guitar line and the effect used on the screams during the interlude lead.

Whatever producer Mark Hoppus did, the result is best single sound of the year.

8. “I Don’t Believe You” – The Thermals

Why it’s here: Bratty brilliance.

Heck, the song doesn’t even really fit with the other tracks on Personal Life, but it’s so snotty and brash that it doesn’t matter.

7. “You Wouldn’t Have to Ask” – Bad Books

Why it’s here: One word – Efficiency.

1:53 is all this slice of of flawless pop rock needs.

6. “Fragments” – Rocky Votolato

Why it’s here: Simple deconstructionism.

Votolato’s song about the troubled pieces that make up the mind is layered with luscious detail, but strip that all away and the core of Rocky’s voice and guitar is all that’s really needed to connect emotionally.

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