Un Mas Dos – Straylight Run


Straylight Run is a band in a transitional period. With co-lead vocalist/instrumentalist Michelle DaRosa leaving the band to purse a solo career, the group has lost the most interesting aspect of its sound. After her departure the band has released the EP Un Mas Dos, which finds Straylight Run having morphed into a straightforward rock band, with fairly archetypal tunes.

Un Mas Dos doesn’t tread much new ground. The lyrical ground is so familiar as is the music that backs it up. The one thing Straylight Run clearly still has going for it is lead singer John Nolan’s vocal; which are as emotive as they come. This allows the group to be better than the run of the mill rock group. While “Wait and Watch” is an overly typical tune of alienation, “Try” is an interesting autobiographical tune, finding Nolan fighting to find importance in the musician’s life. The final track, “Ten Ton Shoes,” is the good type of electronic rock song; a bit over the top in it’s lo-fi aesthetic.

While Un Mas Dos is nothing to write home about, it does show that Straylight Run isn’t a lost cause without DeRosa. There’s enough solid rock here to be hopeful about the band’s future endeavors.

Review Score: 5.8


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